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Бобинорезательная машина серия LKF
Бобинорезательная машина серия LKF
Бобинорезательная машина серия LKF
This machine is an ideal equipment which is suitable for small-scale cutting these materials, such as reel paper, plastic piece, AI foil, PVC, plastic film and insulation material, etc. The main machine features with frequency speed control, unwinding with constant tension magnetic powder control, photo-electricity automatic deflection-rectifying winding with both central and surface reeling which coord-inated controlled (air pressure) by two magnetic powder clutches and main machine, interleav-ing winding with double shafts and never undercutting, presetting counter and automaticstop.
Main Technical Parameters

Type LKF-700 LKF-900 LKF-1100  LKF-1300 
Max.Width of Material 700mm 900mm 1100mm 1300mm
Max.material Diameter(mm ) Φ1000 Φ1000 Φ1000 Φ1000
Inner diameter of Paper core   Φ76mm  Φ76mm  Φ76mm  Φ76mm 
Rewinding diameter (mm) Φ420 Φ420 Φ420 Φ420
Min. Slitting width 5mm(Flat blade),6mm (Round blade)

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